Important Information Regarding Email Accounts

All email accounts have been moved to the Zito Media email platform. You will be able to keep your email address but if you use a client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, or Thunderbird, you will have to change the settings on that client as well as on any email apps on your mobile devices.

To ensure that you continue to receive new emails and automatically move saved mail from your mail server to the Zito Media mail server you must logon to the new webmail platform:

It is important that you login to the new Zito Media email platform by 11:59PM EDT on October 30th. You can login using your email address and password. Customers using email clients and mobile email apps must change the incoming and outgoing server settings on their clients and apps.

Change Incoming Mail Server to:

Change Outgoing Server (SMTP) to

Change Port to: 587

For further assistance setting up your email client, please choose the email programs drop down menu on the left. You may also contact Zito Media Customer Service at 1-800-365-6988. Thank you for your loyalty to your local cable company.